WL Movement & Kommunity Wellness Support

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WL Movement & Kommunity Wellness Support

From Kemba Brown

Support to purchase landz & mobile vehicles dat can be koverted in to kommunity offering spaces, and to register our kommunity names, etc.

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WL kurates INNERgetickqx spaces and offeringz dat assist kommunity/trybe in RAkynetictin’ in Devynely aligned wayz as we RAspark & RAignyte wit our most unapologetickqx authentickqx celves usin’ Indigenous methods and practices in intuitive wholistickqx wayz dat align for our specific journeyz.

Wholistickqx Liberation Movement & Kommunity Wellness began in 1991. Previously it had yet RAkalled itz name in da “beginnin’” of Kemba Ayana Da Gawddyess’s  journey in dis carnation. Kemba Ayana has all wayz been a very expressive, free spirited, kare free, fearless, kreative, off beat, eccentrickqx, eclectickqx, etc. being!! In earlier tymez she wuld express dis around her grand guardians, cuzzins, Ma and siblings. Their grand guardians wuld all wayz play wit and encourage dem ta express their kreativity.  As Kemba Ayana began ta experience more lyfe in dis realm she utilized her giftz to express Celf and da experiences thru kreative outletz. Dey were led ta eventually share & assist othaz includin’ their nieces and nephews. Wholistickqx Liberation (yet RAceivin’ dis name) became a summer kamp wit Kaliyah, Kendall, Jamar and eventually Kamilah, Kimani, Kimora & Jay’Da.

In high school she was led ta name da offerin’ Musickollegey. Ova tyme da name changed and da offeringz expanded as guided as dey RAkyneticted wit more of Celf (Introvert Entertainment; Introvert Entertainment & Affiliates; Can I Live Movement & Foundation; We LIVE Movement & Foundation; We LIVE Movement & Kommunity Wellness; Kreative Kreations By Kemba Ayana Presents Kreative Healing Products and Services; Kreative Kreations By Kemba Ayana Present Wholistick Healing Products, Kontent & Programs; A Family That Prays Together Products; A Tribe That Manifest Productions; Native Tongue Network). In 2022 she was led by her spiritual skquad ta give da overall offerin’ one aligned name while havin’ sub-sections, which da name Wholistickqx Liberation was given to her.

Wholistickqx Liberation is more den jus Kemba Ayana Da Gawddyess and way more den jus one offerin’. WL houses: Wholistickqx Liberation Trukast, Wholistickqx Liberation Network; Wholistickqx Liberation Kreationz, Truvyzualz & Ra-Activationz; Wholistickqx Liberation Productionz; & Wholistickqx Liberation RAsparker Kollective, Truz & Katalogue

Wholistickqx Liberation Kollective konsists of RAsparkers/RAignyters/ Demystifyers/RA-Aligners/ RAkyneticters (healerz, midwives, doulas, spiritualists, artivistz, herbalists, chefs, designers, kreatorz, & more.

Wholistickqx Liberation is a door witin doors ta RAklaimin’ ones wholeness!!

Da fundz will be used to purchase and kultivate landz, konvert mobile vechiles, and register our kommunity names, etc. so dat we can continue to provide wholistickqx offeringz to da kollective dat alignz.

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