Yael's Moving and Living Costs Fund

Yael's Moving and Living Costs Fund

From Yael-Sophia Spinoza

I'm a disabled white sephardi jewish agender person dealing with a lot of trauma and unable to work. I went back to my home city for my grandfather's funeral but it has been a time of trauma and I need yr help to get out

Yael-Sophia Spinoza

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My name is Yael-Sophia, I'm a physically disabled white sephardi jewish agender person. I was born in and grew up in Southern California but moved up to the PNW to escape the reach of a lot of abusive family members.

I was up in Portland and Seattle for a number of years before I came down to Southern California for the Funeral of my Grandfather, who was basically my father figure. It was really hard to lose him and without him to mediate and deescalate situations and look out for me, I dealt with some really traumatic situations from toxic family members and ended up being hospitalized because I almost killed myself to find an escape from those family members.

I almost found an escape from that but the person I was living with made me a scapegoat by accusing me of hacking her electronics and accounts, and I was kicked out which got my PTSD rushing back to being a regular part of my life. Right now, I'm staying with a family member but her boyfriend does not like me at all and is constantly talking poison about me. This is not a healthy environment for me to be in the long term, especially because this was the place I was physically assaulted at in my early 20's, so I feel like I'm in trauma mode all the time.

For the sake of my health, I need to get back to the PNW. I have a friend who offered to let me stay with them, but because my fibromyalgia means that I can't work, I really need your assistance so I can pay for moving and my living costs.

I would heavily appreciate your assistance in helping me get out of my current traumatic situation, dealing with so much ableism from family members for many months has been so wearying and eroding, and I need to find a space where I can heal and grow.

Whatever you can do, whether it is donating a lot or a little, or even just sharing this fundrasier around, I'm so appreciative and thankful for all you can do. <3

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