Your Dream Car Fund

Your Dream Car Fund

From LEE Wing Wo

The fund was established in 2015. This fund is committed to helping people with dreams about cars to buy their beloved cars, helping them fulfill their aspirations and promote car culture.

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1 There must be old classic cars from various countries on the street. If the cars are in a museum, like a zombie, then the culture is dead. The reason why Paris is the capital of art lies in ordinary art lovers who travel through the city holding drawing boards. If there are only the exhibits in the Musée d'Orsay, the art of Paris is dead. China is a closed country, and there are not as many classic cars as imported countries. Now we do not allow classic cars, so we lack cultural heritage. (Across Europe, one of the worst car culture countries is Russia.)

 2 Car culture requires a large number of high-level maintenance technicians. At present, Chengdu Sanhe has a good repair technician. But there is still a big gap across the country. 

3 There are a large number of tracks, and the use of the track is not expensive. The cost of a day's charter for the Nurburgring North Ring is actually cheaper than the cost of a day's charter. 

4 A large number of technicians who are proficient in chassis adjustment and engine adjustment are required. At present, domestic students are engaged in the formula race of college students, which has trained a large number of young enthusiasts. It takes time for them to grow up.

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